An update for Scheme members who are registered online

As a member of the NGUKPS, you have access to view and update your pension online via Barnett Waddingham’s secure, online portal. From here you can view and manage your pension details.

Changes to the online services went live from 24 June 2024, and we wanted to make you aware in case you logged in, noticed the site looks different and had any concerns.

Everyone who is currently registered online was emailed about the changes during June with a link to the new site.

Please be assured the email you’ve received about this from BW is legitimate. We acknowledge the need to always be cautious when receiving emails that appear suspicious especially those containing links. The link you have been sent is genuine and safe and will take you to the Pension self-service login. Your information is just as secure and fully protected as it’s always been.

Here’s an overview of the changes:

  • BWebstream is now known as, ‘Clarity from BW’ and ‘Member self-service’ is known as ’Pension self-service’.
  • There’s a new link to use:  – please save this as the direct link to use going forward. If you use the existing URL, you’ll still be redirected to the new site for a while.
  • Your existing login details won’t change but the login page will have a new look and feel.
  • All the information and services that were available previously are still available from Pension self-service.
  • Your information is just as secure and fully protected as it has always been.
  • There are some enhanced features with Pension self-service including a dashboard so you can see an overview of your pension benefits all in one place. You can also provide your preferred chosen name so we can tailor our communications to you better.
  • You might still see the occasional reference to BWebstream and Member self-service in communications you receive from BW for a short time while we transition over to our new brand.

An FAQ on the changes is available here.

If, after reading the FAQ,  you have any further concerns or any problems accessing or registering your online account, please contact our dedicated online registration team on 0141 447 0799 (or +44 141 447 0799 if phoning from overseas).

Barnett Waddingham, 25 June 2024